1. What's your greatest strength?

I solve problems - my job is about quick thinking and taking action
I know all about the latest recruitment trends and best practice
I understand my clients' businesses inside and out
I adapt my style to suit the client - it's not about me, it's about them
I'm all about attention to detail and 100% perfection
I'm a people person, and recruitment is a people business - that's why I love it

2. What sets you apart from your competitors?

I don't worry about competitors - the quality of my service is all the advertising I need
I go the extra mile to build lasting relationships with clients
I know how to promote an employer's brand and its reputation
I know how to maximise social media - my profile is way more effective than my competitors'
My candidate network is extensive - I'm always confident I can fill my clients' vacancies
I love my job because I am making a difference to people's lives 

3. What's your secret to doing your job well?

I never give up - my clients know I'll do my best to meet even their most difficult demands
My company invests in staff training and compliance - we do things by the book
I genuinely want my clients to succeed
I help clients explain their culture and attract candidates who will fit
I used to work in the industry I now recruit for - so I know what candidates are looking for
I take the time to coach candidates so they show their best self at interview

4. What would you tell someone starting out in recruitment?

The best part of the job is creating happy candidates
Giving clients advice and building relationships is just as important as sales, long term
Just focus on making your clients happy and you won't go wrong
Stay up to date about the industries you supply - track company results, policy changes and business news
There's nothing like the buzz of hitting targets and meeting challenging deadlines
Help candidates envision themselves in the role - go beyond pay and job title to make a good match

5. Which of these statements best summarises your career mantra?

Jobs transform lives - that's what I'm here to do every day
Seek out who inspires you and you're proud to work with - then you'll never be bored
You can't rush relationship building - it's about quality not quantity of contacts
Don't ever think about cutting corners - it will only cause problems later on
You need to understand the personality - as well as the skillset - that will make a good placement for your top clients
My job is about quick thinking and taking action - like a swan I look calm but I'm paddling like mad under the surface